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Pemanggil Island The Best Fishing Recreation

Pemanggil Island (Malay: Pulau Pemanggil) is an island in Mersing District, Johor, Malaysia. It sits 45 km east of Mersing, the take-off point to most islands off the Southern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is situated next to Tioman, requires a 4- to 5-hour ride by boat from Mersing. To get to Mersing itself takes 4½ hours by car or roughly 6 hours by coach from Kuala Lumpur.

As with most inhabited islands in Malaysian waters, Pemanggil has its fair share of history, mystery and spooky tales. The island is fishermen's best-kept secret. It is known for deep-sea fishing and good hunting grounds for marlins and mackerels.

This remote island is also famed for the beauty and abundance of marine life within its clear emerald waters. Its other magnetic charms include endless stretches of white sandy beaches and awesome snorkelling spots. Fishing and diving is excellent here.

For the adventurous, the hill outcrop of the island makes for a challenging climb and the summit holds an inherent scenic beauty of the far reaching ocean.

On the north-eastern coast of Pemanggil Island is Teluk Lancang, an isolated bay where coconut trees grow in abundance amidst the tropical vegetation. At the heart of the island, there is a huge boulder known locally as Batu Buau which locals regard as sacred. It would definitely not go unnoticed and is clearly visible as far as 50 km from the south of Tioman Island.

Well-known for deep-sea fishing, Pulau Pemanggil is fishermen’s heaven located 45km off Mersing.
The calm emerald water surrounds the pristine island homes to lavishness of colourful coral reefs and marine life.
Hence, plenty of water sports can be enjoyed on the island.
Due to the large sacred boulder in the middle of the island, many tourists find this island an elegant yet mysterious one.
Up until now, it has welcomed lots of tourists from all over the world since the opening of their first resort.

Why stay in Pulau Pemanggil?

Pulau Pemanggil is perfect for a serene and peaceful getaway. There are a few well-maintained resorts on the island. Their services are rated excellent and heart-warming.
Pulau Pemanggil offers long stretches of stunning beaches and crystal clear water. Lying on the beach, floating on the water and a leisure stroll are the simplest and the most relaxed activities on the island.
Sea View at Pulau Pemanggil
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Deep-sea fishing is opened to all tourists in Pulau Pemanggil. There are various ideal fishing spot available and the island holds one of the famous fish hunting grounds in Malaysia. Goods around the island are mackerels and marlins.

Apart from deep-sea fishing, various water sports are available on the island. The resort will provide all the equipment you need. The island is also well-suited for adventurous people.
It offers an exciting and challenging hiking experience to the hilltop for a scenic view of dazzling ocean. Tourists can even visit the local village to learn their culture.

How to Get to Pulau Pemanggil

Mersing is the only take-off point to Pulau Pemanggil and it requires 4- 5 hours boat ride to arrive at the island. Normally, the resort will arrange a boat transfer for you which is either fast or slow boat services. Fast boat services are more expensive compared to the slow one. Please take note that the boat transfers are always depends on the tidal conditions.
There are two ways to get to Mersing Jetty from Singapore, by coach or private car. Both journey takes around 3 hours.

Coach services are cheaper and are suitable for budget travellers. In Singapore, The One Travel & Tours offers coach services to Mersing jetty with Golden Mile Complex as their pick-up point. The coach normally leaves early in the morning. Online booking is available. 
To experience a hassle-free and comfortable ride to Mersing Jetty, choose the private car services offered by With their experienced and caring drivers, they are dedicated to serve you the best they can.

What to Do in Pulau Pemanggil

Don’t underestimate this small and pristine island as there are lots of relaxing and challenging activities you can enjoyed here.

1. Island hopping at Pemanggil Island
The resort offers an excursion to nearby islands such as Pulau Aur, Pulau Dayang and Pulau Lang. These islands are beautiful and suitable for photographing too.

2. Deep-sea fishing
Deep-Sea Fishing near Pulau Pemanggil
There are various ideal fishing spots available for fishing enthusiasts and even first-timers. September to December is the best period for fishing. Or, fish in between May to August for seasonal fishes.

3. Scuba diving at Pemanggil Island
Scuba Diving at Pemanggil Island
Explore the mysterious underwater world through scuba diving in Malaysia. The divers can have a closer look to the beautiful coral reefs and sea creatures. The equipment you will need can be rent from the resort.

4. Snorkelling at Pemanggil Island

Snorkelling is one of the best ways to get personal with the incredible coral reefs surround Pulau Pemanggil and you’ll find diverse marine life in the water. Mask up and have a try!

5. Hiking at Pemanggil Island

Hiking is great for adventurous people! While staying here, hike to the hilltop for an amazing view of South China Sea and the surrounding islands.

6. Relax on the Pulau Pemanggil beach

Pulau Pemanggil Beach View

Enjoy the beauty of nature by sunbathing and have a stroll along the beach. It helps you to relax and refresh your mind and soul.

7. Visit to Pulau Pemanggil’s local village

Never miss out the chance to experience the local living and learn their culture. Plan a visit to the main village on the island – Kampung Buau. It’s definitely a rewarding and interesting trip.

Where to Stay in Pulau Pemanggil

1. Lanting Beach Resort

Lanting Beach Resort is the most famous resort on Pulau Pemanggil. It features Malay-style beachfront rooms ranging from standard room, deluxe room, family room to suites. Besides, long houses which can accommodate up to 14 persons are available for large group travellers.

Lanting Beach Resort in Pulau Pemanggil

Savour delicious food ranging from local dishes to western dishes at their on-site restaurant. All the seafood is cooked in local ways. They even prepare BBQ dinner with wide array of options.

Lanting Beach Resort Room
Water sports can be enjoyed and all the equipment can be rent from the resort. Also, the resort provides free indoor games include monopoly, cards, mahjong, ping-pong and carom.

For outdoor games, beach volleyball is provided. You can even enjoy latest films and singing at their In-house movie & Karaoke.

Pulau Pemanggil Package
The resort offers a 3D2N packages for tourists. Here is the itinerary of the trip.
Day 1
Leave for Pulau Pemanggil from Mersing jetty early in the morning.
Accommodation check-in
Free time for fishing, swimming, snorkelling, jet skiing or canoeing for the whole day
Buffet lunch and dinner are served
Karaoke and in-house movie are provided
Day 2
Island hopping after breakfast
Packed lunch is provided
Return to resort for more water sports and leisure time
BBQ dinner
Day 3
Check-out after breakfast
Leave the island through ferry transfer
Address: Pulau Pemanggil, Mersing, Malaysia
Contact: +607-799 1939
Email: /
2. Pemanggil Holiday Heaven Chalet
3. Family Inn Resort
4. Pemanggil Indah
5. Pak Kaleh Chalet

Pulau Pemanggil Tips & Info

Only one plug in the room, I recommend you to bring your own extended socket.
Do not forget to bring your sunblock lotion, hats, umbrellas and other sunscreen items.
You can rent the life jackets and scuba-diving equipment, please contact staff if necessary.
There are a number of necessary items sell in the resort, just next to restaurant.
No towels available in the room, please take your towel at the counter when you do the registration and remember to return back after you check out the resort.
For safety reasons, the resort will based on the weather of the day to decide whether to go to sea.
The Lanting Beach Resort has many ladder, please walk in caution.
If you need hot water, you can request from resort’s staffs.

When is The Best Time to Visit Pulau Pemanggil

Pulau Pemanggil is influenced by monsoon season which falls from October to March. Travel during monsoon season may lead to disappointment as the resorts close their doors within this period of time. Hence, April to September would be the best time to visit Pulau Pemanggil.
It’s encouraged to travel from April to September as there are less rainfalls and the coast is clear. The island is less susceptible to strong winds and rough sea waves. It’s always sunny day thus water sports and other beach activities can be enjoyed throughout the day.
Even though the resort is closed, online booking at the resorts are available throughout the year.

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